Announcing Gift of Hearing 2020

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For our second year, Elevate Audiology is giving someone in our community a gift of being closer to those they love and improving their brain health- the gift of better hearing.
We want to select (at least) one member of our community this holiday season who could significantly benefit from hearing aid treatment.
To enter is easy:
  • Simply send us the person’s story and why we should select this person to win evidence-based audiology care and a pair of hearing aids but due to financial hardship or other circumstances has not been able to. Video and pictures are welcome.

    Please add a statement “I have read and understand the contest rules”.

  • Send all entries to by November 30th
  • We will select at least 1 winner to hear better by the holidays!

***Contest Rules:

  • This gift is truly for someone that could not otherwise get audiology care.
  • All entrants must be a resident of the United Sates and South Carolina
  • Elevate Audiology makes the final decision on the finalist(s) as well as the final winner 
  • To bring awareness to audiology care, the nominator(s) and winner(s)’s story will be documented via photo and video and shared in our promotional materials including but not limited to: our website, print, and social media. Written approval 
  • A diagnostic evaluation is required prior to the hearing aid treatment services. The evaluation cannot be free and will be made available at the discounted self-pay rates. This can be covered by the recipient(s) or their nominators.
  • Any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to sponsor
  • For those that are nominated but are not chosen as the winner, we will provide recommendations for other assistance and in-house recommendations.

The Staff at Elevate Audiology

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