Sound Sensitivity:
Hyperacusis and Misophonia

For those suffering from sound sensitivity: How you feel today is not how you will feel in the future. There is hope and we are here for you.

Hyperacusis: The hyper-reaction to sounds at a moderately loud level. Types of hyperacusis include loudness hyperacusis, fear hyperacusis (phonophobia), pain hyperacusis, and annoyance hyperacusis (misophonia).

Misophonia: The annoyance of specific softer sounds.

Please bring a close relative (spouse, adult child, etc.) to your appointment to get the most out of our time together. A support network is invaluable.

Treatment Options

There are various treatment and management options depending on the type of hyperacusis that you have. If someone has both tinnitus and hyperacusis, it is most appropriate to address the hyperacusis first then focus on tinnitus management.

We are advocates of Hyperacusis Activities Treatment and will start your counseling during your first appointment. We will discuss your options and make a plan together.

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