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At Elevate Audiology, we believe in patient-centered pricing. There is no need to sacrifice quality care for low prices. For that reason, we will bill insurance for diagnostic services as a courtesy and offer affordable self-pay options including a $75 diagnostic hearing evaluation and consultation and $195 for tinnitus assessment and initial consultation. In addition, we offer itemized pricing including bundled and unbundled treatment plans.

A “bundled” pricing structure, means your total investment includes your hearing aids, professional services, batteries, warranties, and supplies for a defined period of time. This is a good option for patients that do not want to pay individually for each appointment or supply item, need more than two or three appointments a year, need regular earwax removal, etc.

If this is the better option for you, you will still see an itemized list of your costs so you know exactly what you are paying for and what is included in your treatment plan.

Our service plans are $435 per year with bundled options including pre-determined 2 and 3 years service plans.

Financial Assistance

If you are motivated to improve your quality of life, we are motivated to serve you. Elevate Audiology is committed to helping everyone that needs our services regardless of their financial means.

Please do not let fear of cost stop you from making an appointment with us.

Financing options are available for those that qualify.

In addition, we are proud HearNow and Vocational Rehabilitation providers, as well. These options are only available to those that qualify. Due to limited availability, if you intend to utilize an assistance program, please inform us during your initial phone call.

We are committed to our community and believe EVERYONE deserves to hear. Please contact us for more information.

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