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Our Approach to Tinnitus

The Elevate Audiology Approach to Tinnitus: Education Is Key!

The majority of those with tinnitus do not consider it to be bothersome, meaning it does not affect their daily life. For others, it is life-changing in a negative way. Our approach is to learn more about your symptoms, history, auditory system, and how tinnitus affects your life. We always start with a diagnostic hearing evaluation to learn more about the health of your auditory system. This gives us insight into our next steps: education, tools, and resources. Some patients need basic counseling and some need more structured treatment plans.

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Our Services

Diagnostic Hearing Exam

Following evidence-based care and best practices, we thoroughly evaluate your auditory system and explain the results to you and your family.

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Hearing Aids

Variety of makes and models all properly fit with real ear measurements and proper follow-up for patient success.

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Earwax Removal

We safely remove earwax at our practice and you can even see inside your own ears!

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Tinnitus Assessment

For those with bothersome tinnitus, it can be beneficial to complete a tinnitus assessment in addition to the hearing evaluation providing us with more information to create your treatment plan

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Tinnitus Management

While there is no “cure” to tinnitus, there are several successful management strategies to reduce the annoyance and perception of tinnitus. We work together to create your treatment plan.

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Evidence-Based Best Practice

We listen to the research and follow evidence-based practices to the best of our abilities to improve patient outcomes.

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Repairs & Maintenance

At Elevate Audiology, we will take care of you even if you did not originally purchase your current hearing aids from us!

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Custom Hearing Protection & Monitors

Whether you need swim plugs for the pool, in-ear monitors for the stage, noise plugs for the plant, or custom pieces for your headphones, we make it all! Optional accessories are available.

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Patient Reviews

I felt the hearing tests at Elevate Audiology were three-fold more extensive than what I had previously received on an earlier singular hearing test at another hearing center about 4 years ago. Calvin S – November 2, 2020

The Audiologist was VERY knowledgeable and caring. She not only dealt with my hearing loss, but also with my tinnitus and my present sound sensitivity. I’m a retired molecular biologist that went into music cognition studies and decided to provide musical entertainment to seniors (including those diagnosed with dementia) in retirement communities, so being able to hear clearly is very important. I will now be able to address all my hearing concerns in one office with one doctor. I highly recommend! it.Irene S – December 3, 2020

My experience today was outstanding!! First of all, I liked the fact that Dr. Tarvin was wearing a mask. As always, she was very professional and went the “extra mile” in cleaning both my ears, dehydrating the hearing aids, cleaning the hearing aids, and providing me with the supplies for the next few months. All of this was done with a smile on her face. I am actually looking forward to my next appointment with her! Mark M – December 4, 2020

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