Telehealth Services

Physically coming to our office may not always be possible but you still need our help. For this reason, we offer some of our services online through telehealth for your convenience. While in office appointments are necessary for many services including diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings with real ear measurement, and certain hearing aid programming, we are equipped to serve your needs outside of the practice whenever possible. Dr. Alexandra Tarvin is licensed to provide telehealth and teleaudiology services within South Carolina and some other states based on their licensure laws.

Online Hearing Services through Video Conference

Scheduling a telehealth appointment with us is easy and convenient. Schedule online (currently unavailable due to COVID-19) or call us at 864-442-5555 and we will schedule your appointment. Before your appointment, you will receive an email with a secure link to a HIPAA-compliant video conference where you’ll meet Dr. Alexandra Tarvin for your appointment.

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Need more practice inserting your hearing aids? Having a hard time cleaning them? Something wrong and you need help figuring it out? Schedule a telehealth appointment and we will help you.

Hearing Aids with Remote Programming

Newer hearing aids from many of the major brands offer remote programming abilities. If your hearing aids have this ability, we can program them from the comfort of your home.

Follow-Up Appointments

Already had a hearing evaluation and need some follow up? Do you want a family member involved that lives out of town? We can complete a Communication Needs Assessments virtually (with more than 1 person) and listen to your needs to find the best solution for your situation.

Tinnitus Education, Follow-Up, and Sound Therapy Consultations

As a Tinnitus Specialist, we help patients from all over South Carolina live successfully with their tinnitus. Ongoing support and follow-up is often recommended. We can complete these appointments virtually for more convenience and reduce the variable of distance. If someone lives outside of South Carolina, they are still welcome to come to the office. Depending on the state, we may still be able to provide telehealth tinnitus services.

Can I get my hearing tested online?

There are a lot of apps or websites that provide a virtual “hearing test”. These should more accurately be called a “screening”. Many factors are not considered such as earwax, fluid in the ears, bone conduction testing to aid in diagnosis, speech discrimination at various input levels, speech in noise testing, etc. A true diagnostic exam cannot be completed virtually.

Other variables including headphones, computer sound card, and environmental stimuli affect the accuracy of the screening results. These results are not sufficient to program hearing aids with.

The equipment we use in the office to properly measure someone’s hearing status and diagnose hearing loss (when present) is the correct way to move forward. Our test battery and following education leads to patient’s understanding of their situation so they can make the best decisions for them.

Be sure to schedule your hearing test in our office here!

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