At Elevate Audiology, we believe in standing up for those that we serve (patient rights and consumer protection). For that reason, we are actively involved in local, state, and federal legislation involving audiology care. Dr. Tarvin has been very active in advocacy since high school. She has visited Washington, D.C. 3 times advocating for a variety of topics. She has also been very active in the state legislature in Columbia, SC participating in lobby day several times and remaining actively involved on the South Carolina Academy of Audiology board.

The most urgent legislation affecting audiology- specifically Medicare beneficiaries is the Audiology Patient Choice Act (HR 2276/S2575). 

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‚ÄčThe Goal:

To amend Title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for treatment of Audiologists as physicians for purposes of furnishing audiology services under the Medicare Program, to provide for a broadened scope of audiology services available for coverage under the Medicare program and to enable Medicare beneficiaries to have their choice of qualified audiologist.

The passage of this federal legislation would allow for:

Limited License Physician Status within Medicare
Would allow audiologists the autonomy to make clinical recommendations and practice the full scope of audiology and vestibular care as allowed by their state license and as dictated by their educational requirements and competencies.

Medicare Direct Access
Would eliminate the need for the physician order required for a Medicare beneficiary to receive coverage of medically necessary, covered audiology and vestibular services.

Comprehensive Medicare Benefit
Would allow for Medicare coverage of medically necessary, covered treatment services such as vestibular rehabilitation, cerumen removal, and aural rehabilitation provided by audiologists practicing within their state defined scope of practice.

The passage of this legislation does not:

  • Change, expand and/or enhance the scope of practice outlined in any state audiology licensure law.
  • Change the practitioner status to a limited license physician at the state level.
  • Prevent an audiologist from opting out of the Medicare program.
  • Allow for prescriptive rights.
  • Allow for ordering rights.
  • Include a provision for hearing aid coverage by Medicare.


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