Hearing Test: What to Expect

Getting to know you.

Purpose: To learn about what prompted you to come see us for a hearing evaluation and your needs and experiences regarding hearing and communication in your personal and occupational life. We also seek feedback directly from a family member that we ask join you to your appointment. We will review questionnaires and any follow-up questions to ensure we understand your history. 

**Please bring a close relative (spouse, adult child, etc.) to your appointment to get the most out of our time together. A support network is invaluable.


Purpose: Determine the health of the outer, middle, and inner ear system through a thorough diagnostic hearing examination.

  • Otoscopy

    We use an otoscope to visualize your outer ear and ear canal and remove any wax, if necessary. You can see inside your own ear with video otoscopy!

  • Audiometry

    What we like to call the “boring beeps”. It’s a standard measurement to identify the type (conductive, sensorineural, or mixed), shape, and degree of your hearing loss (normal, mild, moderate, severe, and profound or a mixture of several based on frequency).

  • Speech evaluation

    A variety of speech measurements to measure your speech understanding abilities in quiet and in noise at various volumes.

  • Immittance Evaluation

    Depending on your history and various exam scores, it may be necessary to measure your eardrum movement and acoustic reflex pathways.

  • Education

    If it is determined that you have a hearing difficulty and communication need, we will discuss options that are appropriate for you: hearing aids, other assistive listening devices, monitoring, etc.. You are as much a part of this decision as we are. We will learn more about your lifestyle, desires, and preferences and make recommendations to get you back to living your best life. We are HEAR for you! We will also make any appropriate referrals to other healthcare partners, if necessary.

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