Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Founded in 1998, Sonic Innovations grew out of an effort from three scientists to create the best completely digital hearing aid. The company continues to refine and work upon its innovations, which place an emphasis on reducing background noise and how the human brain perceives sounds.

Experience Radiant™ Hearing

Radiant™ works to filter out and fine tune the sounds that you hear so you can return to enjoying your day-to-day activities. This hearing aid also features options such as wireless connectivity and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Nothing In Your Way With SoundDNA™

Hearing aids that use Sonic’s SoundDNA™ Platform allow for quicker, smoother wireless connections and technology that works to make everyday sounds even better. Hearing aids that utilize this system include Sonic’s Captivate™, Enchant™ and Trek™ models. Each come in a variety of sizes and models depending on your individual level of hearing loss.

Top-Notch Processing

Sonic’s SVP™ Platform, short for Speech Variable Processing, are effective for a variety of everyday hearing needs. Each model — the Cheer™ and the Journey™ — pair quality sound with the use of enhanced wireless connectivity. Cheer is ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss, while the Journey is for those who have more severe hearing loss.

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