Aural Rehabilitation


This listening therapy program, also known as "aural rehab", includes tips, tricks, strategies and practice lessons that can be completed anytime and at your own pace.

What is Aural Rehabilitation? 

We hear with our brains. Hearing loss creates distortions within our auditory system that change how our brains hear. Properly fit hearing aids improve your brain's access to the sounds of your world!

For many individuals with hearing loss, they need more support. We need to retrain our brains how to hear again and make sense of the incoming auditory signals.

Auditory rehabilitation does this via communication strategies, tips, tricks, and listening lessons.

Traditionally, aural rehab classes are done in the office. Given individuals' need to for repetition, lack of time, and easy access to videos, online aural rehabilitation has become popular because it leads to success.

In addition to our in-office counseling and support, we're proud to offer online programs to LEAD YOU TO SUCCESS and enhance our services from the comfort of your home!

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